WI-FI spots in Berlin

Who can live without wi-fi now? We all need it – especially when being a tourist in a foreign country. They say Berlin is equipped with 650 hotspots around the city. These were installed as part of the program which allows access to the Internet at the major touristic attractions around the city.

A full list of wi-fi hot spots which require no registration and allow an unlimited access can be found here. The list is divided by district and address. I will list the most popular places around the city, where you, as a tourist can easily access them.

Here is my list:

Berlin’s Public Transport Company BVG:
U-banh or Underground (wi-fi on most stations) ⠀
Long buses – unfortunately, there is no connection on double deckers ⠀

H&M (clothing shop)⠀
Primark (clothing shop)⠀
DM (beauty & drugstore)⠀
Einstein (coffee)⠀
Rewe (groceries shop)⠀
Museums (in most of the museums I have been to, there was wi-fi. However, there was always problematic to connect)⠀
City Libraries⠀
Ritter Sport (chocolate shop & workshop)⠀

Shopping Malls:
Mall of Berlin ⠀
Saturn ⠀
Media Markt ⠀
Galeria Kaufhof ⠀
Arkaden ⠀

City Squares:
Potsdamer Platz ⠀
Parisier Platz (in front of Brandenburger Gate) ⠀


Hope you enjoyed this little tip from me. Enjoy Berlin and stay connected.

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