Packing light for trips

I used to be that type of girl, who packed the whole house when going on holiday. So many times I ended up not wearing even half of the clothes. It was very natural and I never thought something will change. But it did, and I am happy ever since.

I was once travelling for a weekend to Geneva, Switzerland with a whole day layover in Venice. I have never been there before, so I was determined to spend the whole day exploring. My friend Cristina lived there, so having even a small suitcase would harden my movements around the city. Naturally, I decided to take the smallest, yet the most comfortable travel bag I owned. Great decision! I did not have to worry about dropping it at a deposit box and to collect it later, thus wasting time. Moreover I arrived at Treviso airport and was departing from Marco Pollo, which was, to say the least, very inconvenient.

As the bag problem did not bother me, I was free to absorb every drop of my experience in Venice. Eating delicious gelato and true Italian pizza, drinking coffee at Piazza San Marco, buying souvenirs and catching up with an old friend – it was all perfect. As a result, we spent an amazing day exploring the city and being guided by a local  was beyond my happiness.

The days in Geneva flew in an eye blink. I could not know, that my boyfriend had a surprise for me in mind. He had a back ticket with him to Budapest. I was beyond happy, but confused about the size of my hand luggage (40*20*7), and the amount of days spent in Hungary. So, with a pair of jeans, a sweater, a dress, a pair of shorts and underwear, I was boarding the plane. Pavlo told me not to worry, as shops existed especially for these kind of occasions. I ended up spending a whole month in Budapest. And guess what? I survived. As long as I had my essentials with me, I was doing great. All I needed to have with me was my computer, as I had a remote writing job back then, and my hair and tooth brushes. I realized then, that I was a super happy human being – I did not need much. Since then, I stick to the minimalism philosophy. I’d rather end up in a new place with no clothes, than have a bunch of clothes in one city.


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  1. I wish I turned a bit more minimalistic as well. I no longer carry the whole massive suitcase now, I pack into a hiking backpack which is easy to pick up and carry around and I try to only pack the necessary things.

    1. Veronika, I think that with time, I will do like you. A backpack, which is easy to carry. The best idea for a hassle free travel .

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