My story in Budapest

Early Friday morning a train arrived to Keleti station, after a 14 hour journey from Bucharest. Luckily, most of the trip was at night, and I could sleep without feeling guilty for missing beautiful scenes outside my window. The train itself was, probably, the most modern one I have ever seen. The compartment super comfortable, with 2 modern beds, a sink, complimentary water, teeth tool and soft towels. There was a shower in the wagon, as I later discovered. Right before the departure, the train conductor offered the suite next to his, for security reasons. His argument was strong enough and being the only lady on this particular wagon, I gladly accepted. For security reasons. As I was reading some university materials, (I was a Master’s student at those times), fantasizing about this new, unknown destination, I fell asleep. I woke up from a knock on my door, by customs’ staff. Quick check of passports and the train continued its journey. (Keep in mind, that although both Romania and Hungary are in the EU, there is a border when leaving each country- Hungary is in Schengen area, whereas Romania is still not.)
Budapest welcomed me with grey skies and heavy clouds. It was not raining yet, but it looked like it was planning to. Sleepy Pavlo welcomed me with the warmest smile and hugs, making all the time apart fade away. “It’s too early in the morning. Let’s get back to sleep”, was his invitation, which I gladly accepted. I did not care that the time in Budapest was limited. I was glad, to finally be with him.

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    1. alina Post author

      Adam, with greatest pleasure! Having to hang out with a local is the best reward for a traveler! The brain can relax for a bit 🙂

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