How to travel cheap

Those who want to travel, but still think it costs a fortune, I am here with some advice. We live in great times of endless possibilities. And this includes travel, too.

  • When not able to afford a trip with high class airline, choose a low coster. There are so many of them in Europe alone.
  • Avoid traveling on the weekend. Prices are always higher during these days. Unless you are restrained by certain dates, try to fly out between Tuesday and Thursday. Tickets are guaranteed to cost less.
  • Book your flight on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, 6 weeks prior your trip. I am not sure about the magic behind this trick, however I am using it, and it works.
  • Always! Always clear your cookies. Otherwise the systems remember your searches, and the more often you look for a certain flight, the higher the price.
  • Try avoiding big airports when planning your bookings. The taxes in such places are higher, thus the increased ticket price.
  • Bear in mind the times of flights. The cheapest tickets are the ones with the most inconvenient times : late night or real early morning. However, this might be a solution. The most important thing is, to arrive/to depart during those times when the public transport, such as buses and trains operate. There is nothing cheap in spending 15 euro on a 3 hours plane trip, and 30 euro for a 15 minutes taxi ride. Remember, that most of the hotels offering free shuttle services are operating between 7 in the morning and 11 in the evening. Public transportation times in big cities is usually from 5 am to 12 midnight.
  • If you feel like escaping anywhere, without a certain place in mind, choose the cheapest destination. You might end up spending 30-40 euro for a return ticket, but come back with lifetime memories.
  • In some cases, traveling to one destination and returning from another may be cheaper, then buying a return flight.
  • Keep track of airline announcements of new routes and destinations. I once flew from East Midlands Airport to Tallinn for 1 euro with all taxes included, only because it was a new route.
  • Subscribe to mail marketing of Airlines, or follow them in Social Media to monitor when they offer discounts and special prices.

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