Goodbye, European Roaming

Great news for all travellers and not only! As of 15th of June, the whole European Union goes Roaming-free. It means that you can text, call or browse the internet in any European country, at the price of your local service provider.
This is probably the best news for tourists from overseas coming to Europe, rather then for the europeans. Our tariffs were made user friendly long time ago, and it did not affect us as much. Now tourists from all over the world can use only ONE sim card across the whole European continent, without being followed by scary telephone or internet bills. It is a great means to stay online and connected anywhere you go. One sim card means saved money, which can be spent on souvenirs, food or that museum ticket that was on someone’s bucket list for a long time. “Roam like at home” will also be available in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein very soon after the 15th of June. Bear in mind, that the package will not be intended for a long usage. It is aimed at travellers and people who travel for work around Europe. It was created this way, to limit someone buying the cheapest option and use it permanently in his home country.
Personally, I have spent quite a sum on sim cards from different countries. However, I am glad i won’t continue collecting them.

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