First impression – Condor Airlines

My acquaintance with Condor started with a visit to their website. Easy navigation and user friendly interface made me easily book our tickets. I liked the option of choosing between Economy and Economy Light, as there was a significant difference of 15 euro for each ticket. You receive your confirmation email, again, super fast. However, you have to wait in order to check in. Only 24 hours prior the departure, the check in becomes available. For those wondering what is the difference between Economy and Economy Light – I do not know. Many considered that the difference is in your included meal on board. I will hurry to break your illusions – Condor does not feed you for free, unless you have pre-ordered and pre-paid your meal before the 24 hours limit prior the flight.

You can tell from the start, Condor is a great Airline. Not only priority boarding passengers come first, also families with children are embarked on the first bus, and regardless of its fulfillment, the bus takes them to the airplane. We took the 3rd bus, it was also the last one, as we are never in a hurry to board the aircraft. You know it is not a low cost airline by the attitude of the staff in the airport. No one is chasing you with measurements and heaviness of your hand luggage, which is great. On another note, most of the passengers are German, which means no one will violate the regulations of the airline.

The aircraft is new, it was blowing fresh air into the cabin all the time when we were on the ground. I loved the security demonstration projected on the screen. Something catchy and funny.

Smooth take off, smooth flight, great in-flight entertainment. The services are offered with a german humor: you can eat a currywurst for dinner, and the crew is encouraging to order it. First, a member of staff was offering to preorder food, then headphones were offered and then we started watching “The Big Bang Theory”, “K.C. Undercover”, some other shows and cartoons I was not aware of. There was an option to listen to them in English and German.

Some information from the captain regarding our flight. At the altitude of 11 km we were flying over Izmir, Thesaloniki, Sofia, Belgrade, Balaton lake, Ingolstatt and finally Frankfurt. Perhaps, I am not longer used to long flights, but the 3.5 hour journey was a bit tiring for me. Maybe, it was due to the fact, that outside was continuous daylight. During this flight, we were chasing the sun. Multiple sunsets in different cities were left behind and breathtaking scenes outside the window were changing rapidly.

Landing in Frankfurt International was another unique experience. Despite the fact that I knew it was a busy airport, I never realised it was that busy. Airplanes landing and taking off each minute, as we were waiting for permission to cross the lanes. Upon our arrival to the hub, 2 buses were awaiting for the passengers to take them to the Terminal.

Overall, I enjoyed this flying experience with Condor very much. I cannot wait to fly them next time to another, yet unknown destination.

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