Alamanou Fish Tavern, Limassol Cyprus

sea food platter in cyprus

If you ask any Islander where is Alamanou Fish Tavern, most certainly they will know it. This place is always full with visitors, and weekends visit without prior reservation might turn into a long wait.
Firstly, this place is surrounded by the most beautiful nature. The sea is of all shades of blue and the white stones make the signature landmark of this place. Newlyweds, who get married in Cyprus, come here for the most remarkable scenes and photos.
However, let’s speak about the food. Alamanou offers different kinds of sea-food platters. They are all delicious and it is a good choice for a group of people, whose tastes vary. The tavern offers all sorts of fish, calamari, octopus, shrimps, mussels, oysters, crabs. Despite being a fish tavern, the place serves a wide variety of Cypriot meat dishes, which is great, as not all people can eat seafood. Whenever I have visitors from abroad, this is the place where I take them. A bonus from the restaurant is toasted bread and pita with olive oil and lemon before the meal, as well as complimentary teas/coffees, cypriot desert lukoumades and seasonal fruits, at the end. No one leaves the place hungry.

The restaurant itself is a huge space, with over 1000 pax capacity. The tables and chairs are made of plastic, but you do not pay attention to it. You are too carried away by the beauty before your eyes and by the delicious food in your plate.

Alamanou is not just a place where people enjoy tasty food. The venue offers a green space with comfortable sun beds and gigantic umbrellas free of charge. You only need to buy a drink. Also, there is a special playground for the little ones with bouncy castles and other activities.