A story

Busy cafe right in the heart of the city, where the air is filled with coffee aroma and hectic words. It is a busy Monday evening. She sits there for a couple of hours, breathing in the sweet air. She reads a book. Sometimes, she smiles. She is so comfortable. “Is this seat taken?” His words break the silence of her world. She lifts her eyes. She offers the seat to him. He speaks English, although she can tell he is a foreigner. So is she. A stranger in this huge city. Suddenly, the book is not so interesting any more. They joke and laugh. They are comfortable. It seems like they found each other. Two small pieces of this Universe. They speak the same language. They leave the crowded place and step into the big world, holding hands. This city is new to both of them and they decide to explore it, together. There is nothing they cannot do. The world is an open book for the two. Ridding bicycles in the park, absorbing the culture, living the most sincere emotions, being there for each other. She is his guide in this new world. She speaks the language and he trusts her. Everyday is beautiful and full of life. It is too good to be true. Until one day, when he has to leave. For good. Perhaps, for ever. Her world cannot be the same without him. She cannot imagine this city empty, grey and cold again. She is left hoping. She refuses to believe this is the end.

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