WI-FI spots in Berlin

Who can live without wi-fi now? We all need it – especially when being a tourist in a foreign country. They say Berlin is equipped with 650 hotspots around the city. These were installed as part of the program which allows access to the Internet at the major touristic attractions around the city.

A full list of wi-fi hot spots which require no registration and allow an unlimited access can be found here. The list is divided by district and address. I will list the most popular places around the city, where you, as a tourist can easily access them.

Here is my list:

Berlin’s Public Transport Company BVG:
U-banh or Underground (wi-fi on most stations) ⠀
Long buses – unfortunately, there is no connection on double deckers ⠀

H&M (clothing shop)⠀
Primark (clothing shop)⠀
DM (beauty & drugstore)⠀
Einstein (coffee)⠀
Rewe (groceries shop)⠀
Museums (in most of the museums I have been to, there was wi-fi. However, there was always problematic to connect)⠀
City Libraries⠀
Ritter Sport (chocolate shop & workshop)⠀

Shopping Malls:
Mall of Berlin ⠀
Saturn ⠀
Media Markt ⠀
Galeria Kaufhof ⠀
Arkaden ⠀

City Squares:
Potsdamer Platz ⠀
Parisier Platz (in front of Brandenburger Gate) ⠀


Hope you enjoyed this little tip from me. Enjoy Berlin and stay connected.

Tour of the Reichstag Building

If you are planning to visit the german capital, I strongly recommend including the parliament visit Berlin into your list. 

There are a couple of reasons for this: the first one – it is absolutely free, the second – it is unique and gives you access to the most beautiful views of Berlin. 

The German Reichstag with its glass cupola is the symbol of transparency of german democracy. In my opinion, the visit to Reichstag is the most important tour you can go on while in Berlin. 

Some facts about this visit: 

  • It is free of charge
  • Opening hours are from 8 in the morning until 9:45 in the evening. Entry to the building is every 15 minutes.
  • At the moment of booking, you have to know the names and nationalities of all the participants.
  • Booking must be made 1-2 weeks prior to the visit during winter time, and 3-4 weeks during the peak season. 
  • On the day of the visit, you must arrive 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the tour, as a very serious security check awaits you.

There are three options of the tour:  1.Just the tour of the Reichstag’s cupola 2. Visit of the plenary chamber and the tour in the Reichstag Dome 3. Lecture in the visitors’ gallery overlooking the plenary chamber and the tour in the Reichstag Dome

  • You have to have minimum things (entry with a suitcase is not possible)
  • Please have an ID or passport with you 
  • Be ready for a serious security check
  • For visits with children in trollers there is a separate entry in the building, where you will be directed by the tour workers
  • An audio guide is available in a big range of languages 
  • Website for tour registration is this one: https://www.bundestag.de/en/visittheBundestag/dome/registration-245686⠀⠀

Something important to know:

In case you did not manage to secure a booking on the website, please cross the road and go to the Visitors’ centre. They can give you a spot for the tour. In case there are no spots for visit during your days in Berlin, you can book a table in the restaurant on the roof of Reichstag. Not only will you have the best views of Berlin, but also access to the tour. 

I have visited the Dome three times now, and will gladly visit it many times more.