Summer Water Activities in Cyprus

Despite the fact that Cyprus is quite rich in sights and attractions, the majority of time is spent on the beach and in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. There are many ways to spend the day on the beach (in case you missed the classification of Cypriot beaches, you can find it here). You can read or play beach tennis, volleyball on the sand or in the water. Alternatively, you can try or practice something new and summer holiday related.

Probably, the most popular water activity in Cyprus is snorkelling. Many fishes and numerous turtles make this activity interesting for children as well as adults. You can go intentionally to specific snorkelling spots around Cyprus (Blue Lagoon or Konnos Bay), or you can practice it on your local beach. In Limassol, for example, around the stone breakwaters along the coast, numerous fish species, turtles, and sea urchins make their habitat. Cyprus is famous for its clean, all-shades-of-blue waters. No matter where you choose to snorkel, you will enjoy yourself.

SUP or Stand up Paddle is another, very popular activity, which is especially booming this summer. For as low as 8 euro an hour, and up to 25 euro an hour for a private lesson, you receive a board, which varies in width (the narrower it is, the harder to maintain the balance) and a paddle. You jump on it, stand up and find your balance, or sit on it and paddle as far and as fast as you want. You will lose your balance and you will fall into the water. However, this is the fun of it. The ideal time for this activity is early morning or any other time when the sea is calm and waveless. This helps a lot, especially the beginners to enjoy the experience and to admire the sea creatures. Recently, such additional activities as yoga can be performed on the SUP. Individual and group classes can be taken at various water sports centers.

This won’t come as a cheap activity, however, if you like the adrenaline rush and wanted for a long time to fly over the waves with a great speed, this is the fun for you. A quarter of an hour will cost you from 25 to 50 euro. You can rent the jet ski at almost any water sports centers around the island.

Many think of this as a once in a lifetime activity, however, I consider that with a good company, renting a boat is always fun. Especially in Cyprus, during your holiday, this is a must. When renting a boat in Cyprus, there is no need to possess a boat driving license. It is enough to present your international car driving license, and you become the captain of the boat. The best place for boat rental in Cyprus is Lachi. It is in the North West of the island, Paphos region, Akamas peninsula. You can rent a boat for a day or for 4 hours, in the morning or in the afternoon. The size of the boat varies, as well as the additional services on the boat itself. The price varies from 200 euro and up, plus the petrol, which cost around 50 euro. What is the greatest about renting a boat in Cyprus, is that you can enjoy many water activities when on the boat. You can rent water skis, wake board, bubble and you will receive a bag full of masks and snorkels, enough for each person on the boat. The waters of the Blue Lagoon, the most exotic place in Cyprus are the best for snorkelling in the region. You will have a great time and memories which will last for long.

The last, but not the least is the swimming pool. Many tourists enjoy their swims only in the pools, while on holiday. Funny enough, most of them do not even once experience the sea, during their stay. Families with small children choose the pool over the sea. Many Cypriot houses are equipped with a pool. It is a great facility, which can be used when too lazy to drive to the beach, or a remedy during a hot summer day or night.

GoPro for travel

go pro picture colosseum


We are proud owners of Go Pro Hero 4 camera for as long as one year. It was the perfect gift for my husband’s 35th birthday, as he is quite an action guy.

So far the camera was used on the motorbike ride, on Pavlo’s helmet, under water when snorkelling, on the jet ski ride, in the swimming pool, on the SUP, on the ride on the bike and scooter during the recent holiday, and of course during all our travels. Day and night, picture or video Go Pro Hero 4 is the best camera I have ever used.

The angle of girth is very wide, which makes the camera great for both panoramic pictures and selfies. Especially great for solo travelling, as it will capture your beautiful face, half of the city and a dozen of tourists in the background.

I love the camera because I can fully rely on great quality of the pictures and videos, it can make multiple shots, out of which you can guaranteed find the one of your taste. The battery lasts for as long as three days without being recharged, it is light, small and compact and its settings are pretty much straight forward. Easy to use and transport – it is the camera I was waiting for all my life. Taking pictures on the iPhone is boring after using GoPro, as noting fits on the screen. With GoPro I know for sure I can fit the whole Colosseum and even Vatican in one shot.

Strongly recommend to choose it. Do not try to buy replica cameras, as you will lose in battery life and the quality of the picture. Also, the camera comes with all the basic clamping and covers to use on land and under water. Travel memories have never been greater with this little friend!